Been Quite A While – It’s 2022

Been quite a while since I last updated this site. Hopefully 2022 eventually get’s better. 2021 sure was another crappy year for my signal collecting efforts. The pandemic is still taking its toll on my business. Got better toward the end of 2021, but who the heck knows what will happen.

Anyway, my signal collecting only grew by a few this past year. I did find this awesome 3-Way Crouse Hinds Art Deco signal this summer. Got it 4th of July weekend. Was around an hour away and it was a nice driver to get it.

Its a really nice signal. Only thing is that it missing the top & hanger. It has some unusual hardware on it too. I thought is was a great find. I don’t recall every seeing a 3-way deco signal before. It’s also the first 3-way that I have. I have a thing for 4-way signals.

The wiring needs to be fixed up. A lot of the old cloth/asbestos covered wiring is shot. Lots of missing covering on some of the wires. It needs to be rewired anyway. There was a single plug on it when I got it and all the lights lit up by plugging it in. Here are the dogs giving it the sniff test and making sure there’s no more mice or moles possibly hidden in it. A winter project more than likely.

Did some signal picking with my friend from Twin Green Traffic Signals. Whenever I help out, some things normally follow me home. Got my first strobe signal. A 12″ signal thats got a strobe in the red. It’s also the first 12″ signal for me. I like 8″ more because that’s all I saw growing up here.

Also got a Blue Light which was at some intersection that would turn blue when the signals were in preemption mode when a fire truck was passing, and some pipes too

Got some pedestrian lights I’ve had for a couple years hooked up onto the outdoor display. Got a new controller and hid it in the nearby Marbelite 4 way so the pedestrian signals work along side the signal. They are all worded ped heads which isn’t very common anymore.

Had some fellow signal collectors here and we went out driving around pointing at old odd traffic lights and saw a lot of cool old bridges for this years annual signal meet.

So, thats my 2022 in a nutshell. Pretty boring overall I guess. Lots of time home working in the yard, doing things in the house, work, and lots of iRacing still. Here’s to a better 2022 hopefully.


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