Span Wire Setup

This was my goal last year. Get a span  wire setup in my back yard. Probably not something most people think about, but for me, that was my goal.

Started off with a couple 12′ 6×6″ pressure treated posts. They are VERY heavy. That is an understatement. I was dragging them around by myself, and I realized, I’m not as young as I used to be.

Figured out where I wanted them and dug some holes. I went around 24″ deep. That was a bit of fun by itself. I’ve got a 50 year old post hole digger which made it a little easier

Just digging a hole. The first few inches is easy, then come nothing but clay.
Looks deep enough to me.

Next step was getting the posts into the holes. Well, 1st thing was getting them over the 5 foot fence in the back yard. Not a pleasant thought.

My buddy Max watching over what I was doing but refused to help.
8″ forged metal bolts for the span and the guy wires
Luckily I have a friend who’s in the business of selling re purposed traffic light parts and pieces. This is an actual span wire he got on one of his trips. Again, this stuff is heavy too.
Got some strand tensioners also. Once the wire goes in, it’s not a lot of fun getting it back out.
Got the span up and have to tighten everything up. That was the most time consuming process of them all. Wasn’t one bit of fun at all. My friend Cooper was watching over me. He helped a bit until he passed away in July.

IMG_20170910_110943_263.jpgIMG_20170909_165001.jpgIMG_20170910_105035.jpgIMG_20170910_110454.jpgIMG_20170910_110911.jpgOnce I got it as tight as I could, hung up a couple of my other lights. A 1950’s GE Streamline from Baltimore I got in 2015 and my very first light. A Crouse Hinds Type M that was actually 3 separate lights when I got it and  made it into one.

IMG_20170915_184909_808.jpgSince summer I took this whole thing down. Moved one of the posts and now once spring finally gets here, Put the whole thing up once again. I’m going to try and put up a 4 way signal along with these 2. Should be fun.


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