Crouse Hinds LS Controller

IMG_20180424_194131.jpgI really don’t know a heck of a lot about this controller. Picked it up from another collector in June 2017. It’s a Crouse Hinds LS (?) Controller. Old school electromechanical controller.

It is originally from Ithaca, NY. Corner of Seneca and Cayuga Streets


I’m trying to figure out a little more about it. I had it running right out of the box when I got it. Moved it to the basement “Signaltorium” and started hooking it up to one of my Marbelite lights, but I did something wrong and blew a fuse. Took a while to get a new one. Local electric supply house told me twice they would order some and stiffed me. So Amazon had the fuse I needed and I ordered a few. Just in case.




I have this running the Art Deco D and a Crouse Hinds Pedestrian signal I have. It is really cool to hear it run too. I hope to learn a little more about it from some of my signal friends.



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  1. Nice, Tony! I really dig the tall cabinet. Glad you have it running. I have controller fever right now, because I haven’t owned one in a few years and that;’s about to change…ker-chunk!


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