Utica/Rome Traffic Signals

This page will have photos and descriptions of some of the signals around my area. Most are from the City of Utica, NY.

Corner of Broad Street and First Street, City of Utica, NY.
January 2015


Utica, NY Corner of Broad and First Street
Utica, NY Corner of Broad and First Street

Google Street View Link

Corner of French Road and Seward Ave. Utica, NY
January 2015

Crouse Hinds Type D with 12" Arrow
Crouse Hinds Type D with 12″ Arrow Corner of French Road and Seward Ave

Google Street View Link

This signal has been here for as long as I can remember. Everything is just the way it has pretty much always been, except for LED’s, an LED arrow, and a new controller which replaced the original one in 2014. This also shows the old Snow Emergency Beacon that use to be on the main roads in Utica and would flash whenever there was a snow emergency. They haven’t been functioning since the late 1990’s.

Intersection of Bleecker Street and Mohawk Street, Utica, NY. January 2015


Google Street View Link

Another great old Utica, NY Signal. Crouse Hinds Art Deco with an added on 8″ arrow for left turns. This has been there again, as long as I can remember. There was a Porthole up there in some earlier pictures from the 1950’s that I’ve seen, but thats before my time.


Google Street View Link

Another classic Utica, NY Signal span. Crouse Hinds Art Decos  Corner of Whitesboro Street and Schuyler Street, Utica.

This has been there as long as I can remember. there is a large gap between the signals on the span. There’s an active railroad line that runs down the middle of Schuyler Street.


One of the remaining Crouse Hinds Art Deco D Clusters in Utica. Corner of Sunset Avenue and Seward Ave.  Google Street View Link

Even has a wagon wheel on the bottom. It has LEDs in it but is still happily standing guard over the corner as it has pretty much forever. This is a twin to the one I have except this was painted yellow at some point.

Corner of John, Mary & Park Ave Utica, NY

Parts and pieces of some Crouse Hinds Type M signals. They are pretty much a mess and the old controller still runs this intersection. It’s an odd one with 5 roads coming into this one.



Corner of Sherman Drive and Madison Ave, Utica, NY. Passed under this one I dont know how many times going to my grandparents houses. I can remember these from the early 1970’s. Same setup except for red and green LEDs on it.


This one a block away from the last. Corner of Madison Ave and Armory Drive, Utica NY. Again, same as it ever was except for 8 LEDs on it. The old controller was there last I saw in 2017 also. How do I remember all this, I just do I tell people.


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