Crouse Hinds GS Controller


Got this beauty from Utica’s past. A Crouse Hinds GS Controller. There were 2 intersections left in downtown that still had these. Both were green. This was from Lafayette & Washington Streets. This intersection has been inoperable since the early 1990’s.  A building was built in the area and there was no need for the south side of this intersection anymore. This came down in 2017 after resting on the pole for close to 20 years unused.

Controller Location


This controller is from the 1940’s and graciously ran for close to 50 years. I haven’t fired it up just yet. It was left outdoors for a while and there was some water that had gotten inside. It really is in pretty great shape. There was a twin to this one removed from service in 2017 also. I’m going to acquire that one also to either have as parts to make 1 controller or use them both.

I did get the twin to this one. I have no electrical skills at all. So it took some fiddling around, but after a bit I got it functioning again. Hard to imagine this controller cycled along without a care in the world for over 60 years in Downtown Utica. It was meant to last and it did last!!


Here is a video of it running once again.


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  1. Soooo flippin’ cool!!! Some day, I’d like to get a small, simple e/m controller like that. If you ever decide to sell a refurbed on, hit me up. I should have the cash next year provided work stays OK.


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