Marbelite Signals

Here’s the Marbelite 4 Way signal along with a couple of Crouse Hinds Type M singles that came when I got the Type D.

They all fit in my car too lol.


These are some more childhood signals of mine. These were at a cross walk intersection on Genesee Street, Village of New Hartford for many years. When I moved there, there was a Crouse Hinds Type D there and was replaced by a Marbelite in the early 1970’s. This crosswalk was here when this was a school crossing.


This is the setup in the wild in 2014 when I took this picture. I ended up with the Marbelite and the 2 single Crouse Hinds signals. When I was a kid, I would sit and watch these lights change. It fascinated me. Plus, I would help the school crossing guard when I was at school during lunch, and press the crosswalk button so the light would change. So it’s pretty neat that I was able to acquire some signals that I “played” with when I was a kid.

Here is the gang all back together again. Same setup when they were on the street and after a few attempts, I now have them hanging up in the back yard.

I also have a 2nd Marbelite Signal. I got this one Spring 2017 from a fellow collector. This has a different controller in it I got from eBay. Took a few tries to get it wired correctly, but at least I didn’t get an electric shock (yet). Here’s a quick video of it cycling.

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