Crouse Hinds Art Deco

One of my all-time favorites (so far) is a Crouse Hinds Type D Art Deco Signal. This dates from more than likely the early 1950’s (which is older than me) although I’m not sure of a specific year. From what I can find, these were around $900 or so brand new.

This was the signal installed at the house where I got it
It fit in my car. This is when I wish I still had a truck.
Once I got it out of the car & home. I forgot to take a picture of the wife’s face when she saw it.

I had seen this on Ebay and the price was outrageous even for me. I contacted the seller, made a few offers and drove to Binghamton, NY to pick it up in September 2017.

This signal had been in this back yard for approximately 40 years. The current home owner gave me this history. The previous home owner worked for NY State as an electrician. Somehow he ended up with this in his yard. This is when it was easy to end up with a traffic light haha. He put it up by his pool and used to control it from in the house. Green meant everything was ok and yellow, told the kids, dinner was almost ready. It has been swinging on the pole in this yard for so long the hanger was almost completely worn out.

One worn out hanger

I saved it from crashing to the ground I bet. Anyway, the signal was all original. Original wiring in it, reflectors and 12 smiley lenses (since most signals were mounted overhead, the smiley lens would divert part of the light in a more downward direction for easier viewing by pedestrians while most of the light from the lens would still be directed horizontally toward oncoming traffic. ) I really couldn’t believe it when I saw it.

Example of a smiley lens. It’s smiling at you!
Inside was in pristine condition. Original cloth wiring.

Original cloth wiring inside which means a bit of asbestos probably.

Reflectors were dirty and a bit worn

Original reflectors. A bit pitted and dirty, but just like when they left the factory in Syracuse, NY.

This is a rather rare Green smiley lens
Yellow smiley lens.
Red smiley lens

All “smiley”glass lenses on each side. Pretty hard to find, let alone all on one signal. Looks like at some point, someone touched up the paint on it. There was some paint on some of the lenses.

It took a bobcat to get it down and 2 of us to get it in my car which it fit nicely. Some day, I think this will get a nice restoration job on it. Signals like this don’t come around very often so I had to have it. There are 4 that I know of still hanging in Utica also as of 2016. Hopefully they dont end up scrapped if they ever come down.

Art Deco Signal in Utica, NY. Corner of Albany Street and Tilden Avenue.

Here’s big green with the rest of his friends hanging in the basement.

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