Rome August 2018

Visited Rome with some signal enthusiasts in August. There are some nice lights still up in Rome. Plus, they take very good care of them and they have all been repainted over the years.


West Thomas Street and North George Street. A Crouse Hinds Art Deco signal with a wagon wheel on the bottom. This Marbelite controller looks to be in good shape. We;re not sure what is inside because there was no noise coming from it.



North Doxtator Street and West Liberty Street. Another Marbelite Controller. Still a mechanical one since you can hear the cams moving inside. A nicely taken care of Crouse Hinds D/DT Fixed 4 way signal is at this intersection also.

Utica Signal Hunt August 2018

Went out with a group of signal enthusiasts on the hunt for some old signals. I was aware of their locations, some I haven’t seen in a few years. It was good to see some old stuff still up!!



Varick Street & Columbia Street, Utica, NY. The pedestal bases are the only ones surviving in Utica. There were 2 other intersections that I remember having these up until the mid 1980’s.



Whitesboro Street and Court Street, Utica NY. 2 of the sides on the 4 way cluster act as pedestrian signals. This intersection is near the old Utica Psychiatric Center. It is a timed intersection without any pedestrian detection.

Also, another old Utica “Snow Emergency” signal. These would flash when there was a snow emergency in Utica. Meant, no parking on any city streets. They were controlled by either the central fire station or a neighboring fire house. There is a firehouse approx 1/2 mile away. These lights haven’t worked in over 20 years.


Oneida Street at Master Garden Road & Holland Ave. Pretty odd intersection and signal. 2 of the 3 sides on this cluster flash red in place of solid green. There are 2 other roads at this intersection that have a stop sign so you need to look and see if they are coming through the intersection when you have the flashing red.

Here’s a video of it also.

38516077_10211572172172674_9179160983539548160_n┬áSome rare 12″ Crouse Hinds Art Deco signals at Oneida Street and Higby Road. They are still in beautiful shape. Have been here for close to 50 years. They still have the yellow glass lenses but everything else are LEDs.


This odd signal at Bleecker Street and Wetmore Street in Utica has been here forever. There used to be a fire house (Station 6) here and I guess it was to give you a heads up if the fire truck was enroute to a call. How this has survived so long is a mystery. It looks like it was just shoved into the red head. there is a LED in there now also.

The Art Deco Is Alive Again!

Crouse Hinds Art Deco Type D Signal

After quite a while, The Deco (Big Green) is back running once again. It’s been sitting in the basement for quite a while and got it hanging at Easter. Took 3 of us to do it since it’s really heavy. This is probably my favorite signal of the ones I’ve got. Saw so many of these around here when I was a kid. Plus it’s is pretty much original to what it was on the street when it was installed. All smiley lenses, cloth wiring, maybe even lead paint too.

Been waiting quite a while for fuses. The local place stiffed me a couple times, so I got them on Amazon. I was worried I had fried the controller but thankfully, no, it was just a fuse. Took about an hour to get everything hooked up correctly, but I finally got it!

Here’s a video of it cycling like it did more than likely how it was the day it was put up. I’m not to sure about the make of the controller actually. The controller i’ve found out is a mish mosh of parts. Parts of a Crouse Hinds LS controller that was modified along the way. Hey, it’s old and it works, right?

Crouse Hinds Art Deco Type D

One of my all-time favorites (so far) is a Crouse Hinds Type D Art Deco Signal. This dates from more than likely the early 1950’s (which is older than me lol) although I’m not sure of a specific year. From what I can find, these were around $900 or so brand new.

This was the signal installed at the house where I got it
It fit in my car. This is when I wish I still had a truck.
Once I got it out of the car & home. I forgot to take a picture of the wife’s face when she saw it.

I had seen this on Ebay and the price was outrageous. I contacted the seller, made a few offers and drove to Binghamton, NY to pick it up in September 2017.

This signal had been in this back yard for approximately 40 years. The current home owner gave me this history. The previous home owner worked for NY State as an electrician. Somehow he ended up with this in his yard. Put it up by his pool and used to control it from in the house. Green meant everything was ok and yellow, told the kids, dinner was almost ready. It has been swinging on the pole in this yard for so long the hanger was almost completely work out.

One worn out hanger

I saved it from crashing to the ground I bet. Anyway, the signal was all original. Original wiring in it, reflectors, smiley lenses everything. I really couldn’t believe it when I saw it.

Inside was in pristine condition. Original cloth wiring.

Original cloth wiring inside

Reflectors were dirty and a bit worn

Original reflectors. A bit pitted and dirty, but just like when they left the factory.

This is a rather rare Green smiley lens
Yellow smiley lens.
Red smiley lens

All “smiley”glass lenses on each side. Pretty hard to find, let alone all on one signal. Looks like at some point, someone touched up the paint on it. There was some paint on some of the lenses.

It took a bobcat to get it down and 2 of us to get it in my car which it fit nicely. Some day, I think this will get a nice restoration job on it. Signals like this don’t come around very often so I had to have it. There are 4 that I know of still hanging in Utica also. Hopefully they dont end up scrapped if they ever come down.