Signal Hunt March 2018

Went out with a fellow signal friend of mine Friday. We saw a lot of cool stuff. There isn’t as much up as their used to be, plus many of the “classic” signals that have been hanging in Utica, NY since the 1960’s are disappearing. Either replaced with new plastic junk that doesn’t last as long, or the signals have been removed completely.

Crouse Hinds Art Deco Type D Signal

This is still here. It’s not a very buy intersection. Sunset Avenue & Seward Avenue, Utica. The red and greens have been replaced by LEDs. Still looking good and could probably function for another 40 years. This is the same style as my Deco except yellow and this has the cutaway visors on it.

Crouse Hinds Type D

This is one of the remaining D type signals in Utica. There were probably 50 or so throughout Utica. Crouse Hinds cornered the market on these in the city. This one is on the corner of Sunset Avenue and Barton Avenue.

Crouse Hinds Type D With a 12″ Arrow

I’ve seen this signal for close to 50 years. Always looked like this except for the LEDs. Original controller was replaced in 2015 I believe. It looks like crap but it’s still a beautiful signal. If this light ever gets replaced, I may shed a few tears.


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