Oxford Road Crouse Hinds Signal

Another signal from my childhood has made its way to the retirement home in December 2019 with a few of the other ones I already have from where I grew up.

Crouse Hinds Type D Fixed 4 way traffic light
Oxford Road Signal in the wild around 2013

Another Crouse Hinds 4 way signal. Yeah, I have a few 4 ways, so what is one more? I remember this back as far as 1970 when we moved to the Village of New Hartford. It was at a corner of the school I went to. I get asked all the time “How do you remember it?” I can’t tell you. I just do. “How do you know it’s the same traffic light?” I just know it is, I tell people. I’ve got a trafficgraphic memory, remember?

Crouse Hinds Fixed 4 Way Traffic Light
Way back when. Probably this is from the mid to late 1970’s

Best old photo of the light that I have. It was on the corner of Oxford Rd, Sanger Ave and Daly Place in from of what was then called Oxford Road School. The photo is from the mid to late 1970’s I think. The light was green back then. Was run by a simple Crouse Hinds mechanical controller that cycled continuously 24/7 for at least 40 years until it was first replaced by an electronic controller in the early 2000’s and yet another new one around 2010 which runs the light that is there now..

Each day going to school for the 9 years I went there, I’d pass this light in the morning on the way to school and once again on the way home. Most of those years were walking past it and probably the last year of school way waiting in my car for it to change. There was a crossing guard there also daily who stood in the middle of the road when the light turned to help us cross.

Oxford Road and Sanger Ave in New Hartford, NY

This spiffy new signal replaced the old one in 2014. It’s plastic so I dont care for it.

Loaded up

The original story on this light was that a fellow collector found out the Village of New Hartford kept all their old signals when they were replaced in 2014. Amazingly they didn’t smash them and pitch them into a dumpster or scrap them like other municipalities do. He got this light, told me they had others. I went, saw them and loaded them up in my car of course. The one from Oxford Rd and Sherman Street which was a twin to this one which is hanging under my chair in the basement as I type this, and the Genesee Street signals that now are hanging up in my backyard. There was another on the corner where my house was that i’m unsure of where that is. I think they removed 2 sections and made it into a beacon that is there now. One more hangs down the street from where I lived. An old Sargent Sowell that has seen better days.

Sargent Sowell Beacon Signal

So this signal makes 22 the number of 4 way signals I have (I think). I’ve always liked 4 ways since that was the signal of choice around here. There aren’t too many left and the ones that remain, their days are probably numbered. Latches dont open anymore. 50+ years of Central New York weather has taken their toll on the bodies. However, some places like Rome, NY actually take them down, refurbish the insides, though with LEDs vs original reflectors and glass lenses, paint the outsides and they happily continue to guard over their intersections.

Crouse Hinds Type D Signal

So this will be yet another one that needs to be rewired and hung up somewhere. All the glass and reflectors were saved by the village and are back in this light. Just some wiring needs to be done and it will be back to the way it was that I remember. Another one saved from either being scrapped eventually or just trashed. Nothing beats a old time signal for me.

Thanks for reading!

Old Time Utica

Utica, NY was once a thriving city of over 100,000 residents. Today is is a shell of it’s former self with most large manufacturers like GE, Chicago Pneumatic and hosts of other large manufacturers gone. With the decrease in population comes less cars and the need for less traffic control devices. Utica still has many, but in the earlier years, many really nice ones existed on the streets of the city.

lafayette 3.jpg
Broadway Street and Columbia Street. Crouse Hinds D or D/T. The same pole is still there today but with a different controller.
busy corner.jpg
Genesee Street and Bleecker Street also known as the busy corner. Looks to be a Crouse Hinds Art Deco with beautiful tunnel visors. Looks like one that I have. Photo from the 1950’s
Busy Corner.png
These signals went up in the late 1990’s/ At least there’s still a span setup there.
genesee and emerson.jpg
Genesee Street and Emerson Ave. Beautiful Crouse Hinds Porthole Signal there in the 1950’s
New signals installed around 2005. There was another Crouse Hinds Deco 4 way cluster signal here  along with 2 single Deco’s also. I have pictures of them in my head but haven’t found any for the site just yet.
Baggs Square Utica NY 1950's
Baggs Square. Genesee, Broad & Whitesboro Street 1950’s
Baggs Square Utica, NY 2017
Today. It’s almost all gone sadly.
Genesee Street at Hopper Street and Court Street

These lights were up for around 20 years or so. They were gifted to the City of Utica from Montreal I believe. Only intersection anywhere near here that I know of that had these “Canadian” type signals. Long gone as the city let them waste away and were replaced in the mid 1980’s

Northwest Corner of Genesee & Elizabeth Street & Columbia Street
Southwest Corner of Genesee & Elizabeth Street looking south from Columbia Street
Genesee & Elizabeth & Columbia Street looking north along Genesee Street.

Fuzzy photo. Taken by my Grandfather in the late 1960’s Post mounted signal same as the above photo. Long gone sadly. They were so cool looking.

Mystery Signal. Was at Deerfield Corners in North Utica.

Don’t know much about it but sure would like to know more. Looks like it was in the middle of an intersection and it would “talk” so the caption says.

Oswego Street at Sunset Ave Utica, NY

This light has been there since at least the 1960’s. It’s about the only thing left at that intersection that’s still in relatively good condition. Area is pretty much bombed out as shown with the boarded up windows on the buildings. I took this from my car lol.

Utica/Rome Signal Meet 2019

Had some fellow signal collectors up. We went on the hunt for cool signals and any other old stuff we could find. Was a really good time! Just a start. I’ll be adding more soon.

Downtown Utica, NY.
These beautiful old buildings will soon be bulldozed in the name of “progress” (it’s a joke) to build a hospital downtown. 2 blocks of downtown will see the wrecking ball soon. Very sad.

Railroad Street Bridge, Rome, NY.
Beautiful bridge built in 1900. Thankfully the City of Rome will do some rehab on it vs tearing it down.

Higginsville Road Bridge

This bridge has been closes for about 8 years now. The town got a grant to replace it. It was a nice bridge but structurally unsound. Here’s the Bridgehunter page about it.

Lock 20 Barge Canal, Marcy NY

Haven’t been to one of these since I was a kid. We had a great time there and the lock master was a cool guy showing us all kinds of stuff.

Herkimer Road, Utica, NY

Herkimer, New York.

Some real classics here. Command lenses, signals from the 1930’s +/-

Frankfort, NY

Rome, NY

Tipperary Hill & Syracuse, NY

Crouse Hinds PCN-100 Controller

More Utica, NY stuff I picked up in November 2018. I got parts and pieces from a local intersection. The controller was up on Lincoln Ave Utica, NY in front of Holy Trinity Church since some time in the 60’s I think and there was also a Crouse Hinds Art Deco single signal I got. That’s from probably the 1940’s. Was green and painted yellow along the way.

Freshly picked up. The PCN-100 controller, Art Deco signal and part of a 4 way type M cluster. That was all that was left. There was more but it got scrapped ((sad eyes))

Here was the gang in the wild. The M in the center and the Deco off to the right.
The controller isn’t in this shot.

I’m always happy when I can get some of Utica’s old stuff. I passed this intersection 100’s of times and it all came down in late 2016 or early 2017 when the reconstruction of the North South Arterial was completed. 

It was also another one of Utica’s weird intersections. Notice the Deco with the red on the bottom. It flashed red for most of the time the other sides had the green light. Another one of Utica, 5 way type intersections.

The Deco was pretty beat up. Does have the original glass in the yellow with remnants of some of it’s original cloth covered wiring still there. It’s pretty beat up. But, it’s older than me, seen a lot in it’s lifetime, and I’m happy to give it a new home.

Part of the Crouse Hinds Type M
The Deco. It’s in rough shape.

And the prize of the bunch. Another one of Utica’s Mechanical Controllers. There were 100’s in Utica. Happily functioning up until most came done in 2016 and 2017. They have pretty much all been replaced by the new fancy electronic controllers.

I love these things. Still works just fine. The same way it did in the 1960’s when it was put up. So now this is number 4. 

Here’s a quick video of it cycling in both signal mode and flash mode. Still works just fine. Didn’t have to do anything to it. It could probably cycle for another 30 years of so.

I’m hopefully to be adding more old signals soon. Have something in the works that i’m pretty excited about. Fingers are crossed to rescue some more old signals from there area.

Rome August 2018

Visited Rome with some signal enthusiasts in August. There are some nice lights still up in Rome. Plus, they take very good care of them and they have all been repainted over the years.


West Thomas Street and North George Street. A Crouse Hinds Art Deco signal with a wagon wheel on the bottom. This Marbelite controller looks to be in good shape. We;re not sure what is inside because there was no noise coming from it.



North Doxtator Street and West Liberty Street. Another Marbelite Controller. Still a mechanical one since you can hear the cams moving inside. A nicely taken care of Crouse Hinds D/DT Fixed 4 way signal is at this intersection also.

Utica Signal Hunt August 2018

Went out with a group of signal enthusiasts on the hunt for some old signals. I was aware of their locations, some I haven’t seen in a few years. It was good to see some old stuff still up!!



Varick Street & Columbia Street, Utica, NY. The pedestal bases are the only ones surviving in Utica. There were 2 other intersections that I remember having these up until the mid 1980’s.



Whitesboro Street and Court Street, Utica NY. 2 of the sides on the 4 way cluster act as pedestrian signals. This intersection is near the old Utica Psychiatric Center. It is a timed intersection without any pedestrian detection.

Also, another old Utica “Snow Emergency” signal. These would flash when there was a snow emergency in Utica. Meant, no parking on any city streets. They were controlled by either the central fire station or a neighboring fire house. There is a firehouse approx 1/2 mile away. These lights haven’t worked in over 20 years.


Oneida Street at Master Garden Road & Holland Ave. Pretty odd intersection and signal. 2 of the 3 sides on this cluster flash red in place of solid green. There are 2 other roads at this intersection that have a stop sign so you need to look and see if they are coming through the intersection when you have the flashing red.

Here’s a video of it also.

38516077_10211572172172674_9179160983539548160_n Some rare 12″ Crouse Hinds Art Deco signals at Oneida Street and Higby Road. They are still in beautiful shape. Have been here for close to 50 years. They still have the yellow glass lenses but everything else are LEDs.


This odd signal at Bleecker Street and Wetmore Street in Utica has been here forever. There used to be a fire house (Station 6) here and I guess it was to give you a heads up if the fire truck was enroute to a call. How this has survived so long is a mystery. It looks like it was just shoved into the red head. there is a LED in there now also.

Signal Hunt March 2018

Went out with a fellow signal friend of mine Friday. We saw a lot of cool stuff. There isn’t as much up as their used to be, plus many of the “classic” signals that have been hanging in Utica, NY since the 1960’s are disappearing. Either replaced with new plastic junk that doesn’t last as long, or the signals have been removed completely.

Crouse Hinds Art Deco Type D Signal

This is still here. It’s not a very buy intersection. Sunset Avenue & Seward Avenue, Utica. The red and greens have been replaced by LEDs. Still looking good and could probably function for another 40 years. This is the same style as my Deco except yellow and this has the cutaway visors on it.

Crouse Hinds Type D

This is one of the remaining D type signals in Utica. There were probably 50 or so throughout Utica. Crouse Hinds cornered the market on these in the city. This one is on the corner of Sunset Avenue and Barton Avenue.

Crouse Hinds Type D With a 12″ Arrow

I’ve seen this signal for close to 50 years. Always looked like this except for the LEDs. Original controller was replaced in 2015 I believe. It looks like crap but it’s still a beautiful signal. If this light ever gets replaced, I may shed a few tears.