Solar Powered Signals

Just a quick update. We installed solar panels from Tesla a month ago and yesterday the power company installed the new power meter. So now the signals (and everything else) is solar powered.   Got them from Tesla. It's not the solar roof I envisioned which was wildly popular and sold very fast but it... Continue Reading →


I was tipped off about this signal from a fellow collector (who by the way, has some great looking signals). He spotted it on Craigslist. I contacted the seller, made arrangements to take a look at it (I already had my mind set that I was coming home with it. Trust me!) and we took... Continue Reading →

Quick Video of Signals Cycling

Added a couple new signals to the setup. The 2 Crouse Hind D's I got with the Yellow Marbelite. These came from the Village of New Hartford and were a block away from my house when I was growing up. Here's a bunch of them all cycling away.  

Crouse Hinds Controller

I really don't know a heck of a lot about this controller. Picked it up from another collector in June 2017. It's a Crouse Hinds LS (?) Controller. Old school electromechanical controller. It is originally from Ithaca, NY. Corner of Seneca and Cayuga Streets I'm trying to figure out a little more about it. I... Continue Reading →

The Art Deco Is Alive Again!

After quite a while, The Deco (Big Green) is back running once again. It's been sitting in the basement for quite a while and got it hanging at Easter. Took 3 of us to do it since it's really heavy. This is probably my favorite signal of the ones I've got. Saw so many of... Continue Reading →

Old Time Utica

Utica, NY was once a thriving city of over 100,000 residents. Today is is a shell of it's former self with most large manufacturers like GE, Chicago Pneumatic and hosts of other large manufacturers gone. With the decrease in population comes less cars and the need for less traffic control devices. Utica still has man,... Continue Reading →

Signal Hunt March 2018

Went out with a fellow signal friend of mine Friday. We saw a lot of cool stuff. There isn't as much up as their used to be, plus many of the "classic" signals that have been hanging in Utica, NY since the 1960's are disappearing. Either replaced with new plastic junk that doesn't last as... Continue Reading →

Well, They’re All Up

Easter was this past Sunday. Thankfully my son and son-in-law were both here. We were able to move the Crouse Hinds D (the yellow one far left) and put the monster Deco D (center picture) up and hanging finally. The Deco weighs well over 100 lbs. Took 3 of us to get it into position... Continue Reading →

Span Wire Setup

This was my goal last year. Get a span¬† wire setup in my back yard. Probably not something most people think about, but for me, that was my goal. Started off with a couple 12' 6x6" pressure treated posts. They are VERY heavy. That is an understatement. I was dragging them around by myself, and... Continue Reading →

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