Tokheim Traffic Signal

Another new addition in March 2018 to the collection. This is a Tokheim Model 1200 Traffic Signal I acquired. The seller was in Cleveland, Ohio. I found out he purchased the light from an antique dealer in 1990 and has held onto it ever since.

Tokheim Traffic Signal

Tokheim signals were produced from 1926 onward. In 1938 this division was sold off to Automatic Signal of Norwalk, Conn., and shortly thereafter all variations of this design were discontinued.

There are no original lenses on this one. It has an Eagle bottom and a few bullet holes in a couple of the visors. The bottoms were prone to issues and most didn’t survive for as long as some of signals do. This one has an Eagle bottom on it.

My understanding wife helped me bring this down to the basement using a handcart. Its very heavy. Thats for sure.
Unique hanger on it
Internal wiring looks pretty much originalIMG_20180321_185858.jpgIMG_20180321_185903.jpgIMG_20180321_190729.jpgIMG_20180321_190751.jpgIMG_20180321_191818.jpg

So…need to add it to the list of what I have to try and restore. I have a few years worth of projects ahead of me. The way I see it, may as well collect them now since all that I’ve got is pretty hard to find. I can restore them whenever, but you can’t restore something that you don’t have.


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