Signals of Rome, NY

Rome, NY is also home to many old Traffic Signals. Rome was a much larger city than it is now. Being home to Griffiss Air Force Base for nearly 50 years until it was decommissioned, the population was much higher than it is today. The city also tends to take care of its signals. Most are in great shape, though the original reflectors have been replaced with LEDs. Not many have any peeling paint and are repainted as needed. Overall they like to leave up the old signals and maintain them as they are.

crouse hinds traffic signal
Crouse Hinds Type D 4 Way and Crouse Hinds Type M

This pair in front of Ganesvoort School at the corner of North Doxdator Street and West Liberty Street is a great example of something old still going strong. Photo isnt the best but it’s in really great shape. Looked to have been recently repainted. It was on flash for the summer when it was captured as school was on recess until fall.

North Madison Street at West Elm Street

Another oldie still going strong. Obviously it was a yellow signal at some point as evidenced by the yellow paint showing behind the open door. Rome like to paint most of their signals black. It’s in decent shape overall and could go for many more years im sure.

North Madison Street and West Thomas Street

One of the more odd intersections of Rome. A bit of this and that here. A group of Crouse Hinds Type M’s. The 4 way cluster has 1 black M added to it also. The last image the signal is actually brown. This light came from the deactivated Griffiss Air Force Base since all their signals were painted Arm Brown. There’s a few others scattered around the city and some stored away somewhere as the last signals at the old Air Force Base came down in 2019 with the addition of a couple roundabouts there.

South James Street and West Elm Street

These signals are in decent shape. City keeps them up. Not sure why they are here really. It’s not a busy intersection and there is no detection here so you sit and wait for nobody most of the time when the signal is red for the main road South James Street.

More photos to come soon………………………


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