Old Time Utica #2

I’ve always had a thing for anything from Utica, NY from it’s golden age. Utica was once one of the top 10 populous cities in New York and a great hub for transportation since it was in the center of New York State.

So with a city having a large population, comes the need for many traffic signals. So, whenever I see a photo of the area posted and it has a signal, I tend to save it. Seeing as though I can’t get the images that are in my memory out yet, and I’m pretty much stuck home during the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic here in New York, here are a few of the newer photos of old Utica that i’ve found in my travels across the internet.

Sunset Ave and Lincoln Ave, Utica

Sunset and Lincoln Ave was a bit unique. A diagonal type intersection and the signal pictured had long visors on it to restrict the view of the signals from sides other than the one you should view. This signal and some of the intersection vanished in 2015 with the North South Arterial Project.

The original signal here before this one has some 3M programmable reflectors on it . That signal is or was stored with the other piles of signals Utica had stored away. Found these in March 2018 and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was the signal that preceded this one in the photo. How did I know you ask, well, once I see a signal it’s burned into my trafficgraphic memory.

The original to my memory at least Sunset and Lincoln Ave signal

Varick and Columbia Street Dummy Light

This was a Utica signal that I had never know about. The Utica Dummy Light was at the intersection of Columbia, Varick and Huntington Streets in Utica. Never knew there was one in Utica. They’re called a dummy light since they are set in the middle of the intersection, and not at the sides, corners or above (thus forming a crash hazard). These lights are placed like how traffic cop platforms were set dead center of intersections.

This one was actually a 5 way signal since the intersection had 5 approaches. Must have been incredibly heavy and would love to find another photo of it since I know of no others.

State and Court Streets Utica, NY

A Crouse Hinds Porthole Signal graced this intersection. I actually don’t remember seeing this one though I must have gone through the intersection when it was there. Used to go to State Street Mill which was a department store a lot as a kid. It looks like my porthole signal. Utica used to have long visors on the yellow lights for some reason.

Genesee and Division Streets.

Typical Utica signal setup with a 4 way cluster or fixed 4 way signal in the center and 2 single signals to the side. Were probably 50 intersections set up like that at one time in Utica. All this is gone with the Baggs Square Bridge Project in 1968.

Higby Road and Liebel Place

Took some digging and a lot of searching, but someone had this photo on a railroading Facebook Group i’m in. Could never find a photo of this light and finally have one. Had some really long visors on it before it came down like the ones on my Canajoharie Darley.

Genesee and Seneca Street Utica

A nice setup and some Crouse Hinds signals on pedestals. Only 1 intersection remains with any type of signals like those. This was a 5 way intersection and the street with the Do Not Enter sign, Seneca Street was cut off and made into a pedestrian walkway in the 1980’s I believe. All these signals are long gone too.

Genesee and Seneca Street Utica

Looks like after the first improvement to that area in the late 1960’s. It’s all gone now and being redone once again to remove the divided part of the roadway.

Genesee and Arnold Ave Utica

Another typical weird Utica Setup. No signal facing the south bound lane on Genesee Street. There were 3 intersections all tired into one controller here. Accidents all the time. All gone except for the newly reopened Uptown.

Genesee and Liberty (Oriskany) Streets Utica

Another mess of an intersection. All those stores are gone except the buildings remain. All being redone again with a $16 million dollar project for a little over 1 mile of road.

Genesee Street at King Kole Plaza

Some classic big nose yellow visors on these signals. Quite odd looking but pretty awesome in my book. They were also at a railroad crossing where the West Shore Railroad used to pass through the city of Utica and cross here near the plaza. There were 6 other intersections with signals looking like these with the big snout on them. Long gone except for the one I found piled up with the other city of Utica stuff in 2018.

Washington and Pearl Street Utica

Another typical Utica setup with a Crouse Hinds Fixed 4 Way and a disconnect box to the side. All long gone as of 1968 when this street vanished for an Urban Renewal project.

Genesee and Hopper and Court Streets Utica

Really cool signals that came from Quebec City in Canada that were given to the city as a gift for some reason.Only intersection that had these. Were up for a long time and came down when the city got tired of fixing them in the late 1980’s

Genesee and Pearl Street Utica

Such a classic building. Old Utica City Hall. Stood for well over 100 years until it fell to the dreaded Urban Renewal wrecking ball in 1968. Signals here were really nice too.

Genesee and Elizabeth Streets Utica

Nice looking signal mounted on the pole. There were many of these until Utica got into the span wire setup for hundreds of intersections in the city. Building still there. Really cute looking enamel street sign also. I had one as a kid. Which it was still around today. They’re very hard to find. (hint hint at anyone reading this who has one)

Genesee and Columbia Streets. The Busy Corner Utica, NY

Fantastic signal here. Can’t get a clear look at it but it seems to be a Crouse Hinds Porthole signal with a command lens. I really like the trolley stop in the middle of the street too.

Thats all for now. I’m sue i’ll find more photos to add being pretty much stuck at home. Stay healthy and stay safe.


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