Old Time Utica

Utica, NY was once a thriving city of over 100,000 residents. Today is is a shell of it’s former self with most large manufacturers like GE, Chicago Pneumatic and hosts of other large manufacturers gone. With the decrease in population comes less cars and the need for less traffic control devices. Utica still has many, but in the earlier years, many really nice ones existed on the streets of the city.

lafayette 3.jpg
Broadway Street and Columbia Street. Crouse Hinds D or D/T. The same pole is still there today but with a different controller.
busy corner.jpg
Genesee Street and Bleecker Street also known as the busy corner. Looks to be a Crouse Hinds Art Deco with beautiful tunnel visors. Looks like one that I have. Photo from the 1950’s
Busy Corner.png
These signals went up in the late 1990’s/ At least there’s still a span setup there.
genesee and emerson.jpg
Genesee Street and Emerson Ave. Beautiful Crouse Hinds Porthole Signal there in the 1950’s
New signals installed around 2005. There was another Crouse Hinds Deco 4 way cluster signal here  along with 2 single Deco’s also. I have pictures of them in my head but haven’t found any for the site just yet.
Baggs Square Utica NY 1950's
Baggs Square. Genesee, Broad & Whitesboro Street 1950’s
Baggs Square Utica, NY 2017
Today. It’s almost all gone sadly.
Genesee Street at Hopper Street and Court Street

These lights were up for around 20 years or so. They were gifted to the City of Utica from Montreal I believe. Only intersection anywhere near here that I know of that had these “Canadian” type signals. Long gone as the city let them waste away and were replaced in the mid 1980’s

Northwest Corner of Genesee & Elizabeth Street & Columbia Street
Southwest Corner of Genesee & Elizabeth Street looking south from Columbia Street
Genesee & Elizabeth & Columbia Street looking north along Genesee Street.

Fuzzy photo. Taken by my Grandfather in the late 1960’s Post mounted signal same as the above photo. Long gone sadly. They were so cool looking.

Mystery Signal. Was at Deerfield Corners in North Utica.

Don’t know much about it but sure would like to know more. Looks like it was in the middle of an intersection and it would “talk” so the caption says.

Oswego Street at Sunset Ave Utica, NY

This light has been there since at least the 1960’s. It’s about the only thing left at that intersection that’s still in relatively good condition. Area is pretty much bombed out as shown with the boarded up windows on the buildings. I took this from my car lol.


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