Spring 2021 What’s New

So, it’s finally Springs 2021. Well, not weather wise but on the calendar it is. Nothing really new as far as signal collecting. It’s still brutally slow at work, so that means there’s no signal collection money available. Though, it is finally getting busier at work with things opening up here finally.

Plus, old signals have become ridiculously expensive. Like priced crazy expensive. Signals for sale sometimes just sit there because nobody in their right mind will pay the price the seller wants. These aren’t houses like the crazy high market for them around my area. They’re traffic signals! Plus I have one of many signals i’ve always wanted, so I’m quite happy with what I have now. Not that I don’t look from time to time and see what’s out there.

So, in the meantime, I do a lot of iRacing. That’s simulation auto racing. It’s a lot of fun and very budget friendly, unless you go overboard with your sim racing setup. It’s helped to build my YouTube channel and I have met some good guys along the way too.

I do have a project starting soon. The outdoor signal span that we raised up last summer, 2 of the guy wire anchors pulled out of the ground and the span has sagged again. Got some concrete sono tubes, so I’m going to set the anchors in concrete this time and my friend “The Traffic Light King” is coming n a few weeks and we’re going to re-raise the span. I could stand under it last year but not anymore.

After the span was raised up last summer

So, thats about it for now. Hope to get that fixed, put all the original reflectors that were saved from those lights back in, and continue to look for new stuff to rescue.


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