The Art Deco Is Alive Again!

Crouse Hinds Art Deco Type D Signal

After quite a while, The Deco (Big Green) is back running once again. It’s been sitting in the basement for quite a while and got it hanging at Easter. Took 3 of us to do it since it’s really heavy. This is probably my favorite signal of the ones I’ve got. Saw so many of these around here when I was a kid. Plus it’s is pretty much original to what it was on the street when it was installed. All smiley lenses, cloth wiring, maybe even lead paint too.

Been waiting quite a while for fuses. The local place stiffed me a couple times, so I got them on Amazon. I was worried I had fried the controller but thankfully, no, it was just a fuse. Took about an hour to get everything hooked up correctly, but I finally got it!

Here’s a video of it cycling like it did more than likely how it was the day it was put up. I’m not to sure about the make of the controller actually. The controller i’ve found out is a mish mosh of parts. Parts of a Crouse Hinds LS controller that was modified along the way. Hey, it’s old and it works, right?


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    1. I love the paint on this light too. I go back and forth about repainting it. I could use the controller as white noise for nights I can’t sleep


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