Crouse Hinds Porthole Signal

Picked up another new signal. Been a few months. This one joined the gang in May 2019. This one was on my bucket list for a long time. It's a Crouse Hinds Type T or Porthole Signal. It was being sold by someone less than 30 minutes away so that was a great plus. A... Continue Reading →

The Utica M Cluster

This monster was actually the very first cluster I got a long time ago. It was actually in 2014. That's 5 years, but in signal years, it's really only like 1 year. I had met up with some guys through a Facebook group. I went on a signal pickup with them and spotted this light.... Continue Reading →

My First Light

Finally! My sister is the keeper of old family photos. She's scanned a bunch and I told her I wanted to find a photo of the first light I got. She finally found it and I owe her lunch for it too as I had promised. My first traffic signal. Circa 1967?? Thats me. Guess... Continue Reading →

Solar Powered Signals

Just a quick update. We installed solar panels from Tesla a month ago and yesterday the power company installed the new power meter. So now the signals (and everything else) is solar powered.   Got them from Tesla. It's not the solar roof I envisioned which was wildly popular and sold very fast but it... Continue Reading →

Quick Video of Signals Cycling

Added a couple new signals to the setup. The 2 Crouse Hind D's I got with the Yellow Marbelite. These came from the Village of New Hartford and were a block away from my house when I was growing up. Here's a bunch of them all cycling away.  

Span Wire Setup

This was my goal last year. Get a span¬† wire setup in my back yard. Probably not something most people think about, but for me, that was my goal. Started off with a couple 12' 6x6" pressure treated posts. They are VERY heavy. That is an understatement. I was dragging them around by myself, and... Continue Reading →

Welcome to my site

My name is Tony. I have loved traffic lights since I was a kid. Always liked looking at them and amazed at how they work. Growing up in Central New York neat Utica, I had many opportunities to see traffic lights. Utica was home to many traffic signal intersections. Many were Crouse Hinds which were... Continue Reading →

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