Solar Powered Signals

Just a quick update. We installed solar panels from Tesla a month ago and yesterday the power company installed the new power meter. So now the signals (and everything else) is solar powered.

Solar Panels on the garage and house roofs


Inverter converts the power from the cells and feeds it into the panel box.



Got them from Tesla. It’s not the solar roof I envisioned which was wildly popular and sold very fast but it was very expensive. Tesla was a great company to deal with and the entire process from 1st meeting with the salesman until the system was up and running was a little over 2 months. If you want info, feel free to click this link



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  1. Excellent! We put solar panels on our home, and they were off to a great start, but we divorced and sold the house well before they paid for themselves. C’est la vie. The panels did not really add value to the sale price, but I still have no regrets. I love generating power rather than drawing it all from coal and natural gas burning plants.


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