Tokheim Traffic Signal

Another new addition in March 2018 to the collection. This is a Tokheim Model 1200 Traffic Signal I acquired. The seller was in Cleveland, Ohio. I found out he purchased the light from an antique dealer in 1990 and has held onto it ever since. Tokheim signals were produced¬†from 1926 onward. In 1938 this division... Continue Reading →

Marbelite 4 Way Signal

Here's the Marbelite 4 Way signal along with a couple of Crouse Hinds Type M singles that came when I got the Type D.They all fit in my car too lol.These are some more childhood signals of mine. These were at a cross walk intersection on Genesee Street, Village of New Hartford for many years.... Continue Reading →

Crouse Hinds Art Deco Type D

One of my all-time favorites (so far) is a Crouse Hinds Type D Art Deco Signal. This dates from more than likely the early 1950's (which is older than me lol) although I'm not sure of a specific year. From what I can find, these were around $900 or so brand new. This was the... Continue Reading →

Crouse Hinds Type D Signal

Here is one of my newer signals. I acquired it in January of 2018.¬† A Crouse Hinds Type D traffic signal. This one is from the area where I grew up. New Hartford, NY. This was at the corner of Oxford Rd and Sanger Ave. I remember this from my childhood and was there from... Continue Reading →

W.S. Darley Traffic Signal

This signal also popped up on Ebay and I just knew I had to have it. More than likely from the 1940's. A W.S. Darley D 200 12 bulb signal. Original price in 1944 was $99.95 but I paid a little more than that. It came from Georgia and I know nothing about it's history,... Continue Reading →

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