Everything is on pause

Been a while since my last update.

I’m like everyone else now a days. Everything seems to be on pause. Living in New York, we were hit especially hard. Pretty much all businesses were closed with the exception of grocery stores. Being a small business owner, I took quite a hit also during the NY Pause.

My business is fueled by award banquets, employee recognition, sports awards, gifts and such. I own a trophy & engraving shop in real life. When there is nothing going on, there’s no business. End of year school awards, sports leagues and the general give someone an award stuff was and still is pretty much non existent. Most events will be postponed until next year or cancelled all together.

So……………..with not much business means signal collecting is also on pause for the time being. I have a ton of stuff already, it’s not going anywhere and most are pretty much complete. I still look once in a while to see what is out there. Some nice lights are still available, but it seems there’s a lot of pandemic pricing now. They are way overpriced for the most part. So for the time being, i’ll just enjoy what I have. I’ve got a lot of great stuff which is a plus too.

I’ll hopefully be doing a little more other stuff such as exploring different parts of the area that are non signal related.

I’ve gotten into iRacing once again. It’s a fabulous time filler. I’ve done sim stock car racing for a long time, having started way back in 1999. Took a break from 2015-2018, but i’m back at it, so there may be some content from that on here too.

Once things change in the area with more normalcy, then I can get back to business and adding more friends to the rest of the gang here in the signal retirement home.


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